Ultra Sudz Foam Wash and Drying Kit

Ultra Sudz Foam Wash and Drying Kit

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Ultra Sudz Foam Wash and Drying Kit was designed to quickly and easily wash and dry your car properly without scratching. Foam gun connects quickly to a standard garden hose.


  • Scarlet Car Wash Shampoo (16 Oz.) - Ultra high suds formula and high lubricity to prevent scratching.
  • Rapid Seal(+) Spray Sealant (16 Oz.) - Spray and wipe off formula to add a powerful invisible layer of protection and a drying aid in one.
  • Ultra Sudz Foam Gun (Connects to Garden Hose) - Detachable nozzle that creates insane high suds. It features a quick disconnect to be able to also rinse off quickly.
  • Chenille Wash Mitt - Very soft wash mitt made for delicate washing to avoid scratching. It has pockets to trap dirt to avoid paint marring. Washable.
  • (2) 16 x 27" Evergreen Waffle Weave Drying Towels - Ultra absorbable towels designed to dry extremely quickly and efficiently. Two of these towels are all you'll need to dry a whole vehicle, even SUV's and trucks! Washable and reusable.