The Winter Collection Pro Kit

The Winter Collection Pro Kit

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The Winter Collection Pro Kit is our newest flagship detailing kit for the Winter Season. It includes all of our new released products. Comes with products and accessories to help clean your car quickly and effortlessly in the winter.

The perfect detailing kit for your loved one or yourself. It makes the perfect gift!

It includes $240.00 of Value:

Clarity Car Wash Shampoo (16 oz.) - PH Neutral soap which has extremely high suds.

Flare Detail Spray (16 oz.) - This mist and wipe formula adds shine and works great on paint, plastic, rubber trim, and much more.

Ambiance Wheel Cleaner (16 oz.) - Color changing wheel cleaner that turns red/purple when dissolving brake dust and grime.

Radiance Rinseless Wash (16 oz.) - This wash formula allows you to wash without rinsing. Adds protection for easy cleaning. Add to a bucket of clean water and you can wash your car quickly during winter without scratching. Perfect for garage washing.

Infusion All In One (16 oz.) - This formula works by hand or with machine polisher. It cuts, polishes, and waxes in one easy step.

Absolute All Purpose Cleaner (16 oz.) - Cleans leather, carpet, upholstery, tires, engine bays, etc. - Dilutes to make up to 15 bottles.

Shadow Dressing and Conditioner (16 oz.) - Gel and water based formula that adds a deep satin shine to your tires, trim, or plastics. Reformulated to last twice as long as our previous version.

Horizon Waterless Wash - Spray and wipe formula to waterlessly wash your car. No source of water needed. Wash your car in minutes while adding si02 protection for extreme water beading and durability.

Absence Clay Lube - Spray and mist formula that adds lubrication to your paint for claying and decontaminating your paint. Use this product with our included clay bar in this kit.

The Coveted Red Metallic SudzBox Logo Decal - Window decal. You can only get this decal by purchasing this kit. Extremely limited.

Clay Bar - Our clay bar removes unseen contaminates from your paint. Even after washing your paint's pores can be clogged by harsh elements like fallout, dirt, etc. Use this clay bar to easily remove contaminates.

Colossal Brush - Our famous detail brush for cleaning just about everything: wheels, vents, cup holders, emblems, and more!

(2) Microfiber Applicator Pads - Use our blue microfiber applicator pads to apply products like Infusion or Shadow. Rewashable.

Blue Waffle Weave Towel - This towel works excellent for drying your car. Absorbs water with ease. Rewashable.

Rose Edgeless Paint Towel - Extremely soft and plush towel made for wiping off wax, polish, and sealants. Rewashable. Beautiful rose red color.

(4) Blue Microfiber All Purpose Towels - 300 GSM towels used for interiors, engine bays, paint, tires, and much more! Rewashable and great quality.

**Clay Bar and Microfiber Towel Color subject to change based on stock levels changing.

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