Holiday Gift Kit #02

Holiday Gift Kit #02

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The SudzBox Holiday Gift Kit #02
is designed for the car care lover who washes their car, even in the winter. This kit can be used in your garage to detail your car quickly and effortlessly.


Shadow Dressing and Conditioner (16 oz.) - Gel and water based formula that adds a deep satin shine to your tires, trim, or plastics. Reformulated to last twice as long as our previous version.

Diamond Interior Cleaner (16 oz.) - Cleaner made for plastics, navigation display, buttons, and more sensitive interior components.

Radiance Rinseless Wash (16 oz.) - This wash formula allows you to wash without rinsing. Adds protection for easy cleaning. Add to a bucket of clean water and you can wash your car quickly during winter without scratching. Perfect for garage washing.

Contoured Tire Applicator Pad - Use this applicator pad to easily spread Shadow on your tires and trim.

(4) Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towels - Rewashable, 300GSM. Made for cleaning all types of applications: paint, interior, tires, engine bay, etc.