The Premiere Collection + Free Accelerate

The Premiere Collection + Free Accelerate

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*Cyber Monday Restock 300 Available: Order The Premiere Collection and receive a free $40.00 value Black Friday Neon Edition Accelerate Ceramic Spray Wax. If it doesn't say sold out, it's still in stock and available for purchase.  No coupon codes can be used with this kit.

The Premiere Collection is our top tier interior/exterior car care package to bring your vehicle's appearance to a showroom finish. This premium kit will last for many uses and will leave long-lasting protection on your paint to protect it from harmful UV Rays and other harsh elements (rain, dirt, etc.)

Extremely easy to use! Our products smell fantastic for a wonderful car detailing experience.

The Premiere Collection includes 9 of our products ranging from car washing, waxing/sealing, paint correcting, and all the way to interior cleaning (leather, carpet, plastics).

  • Absolute All Purpose Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans leather, carpet, upholstery, tires, engine bays, etc. - Dilutes to make up to 15 bottles.
  • Crimson Wheel Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans wheels and restores bright finish.

  • Diamond Interior Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans Interior - works on plastics, navigation, dashboard, etc. 
  • Cleanse Waterless Wash (16 Oz.) - Cleans Exterior without the need to use a hose. Spray on and wipe off formula. Has polymers to avoid scratching. Adds high shine.
  • Orchid Glass Cleaner (16 oz.) - Ammonia-free formula, safe for tints.
  • Rapid Seal(+) Spray Sealant (16 Oz.) - Spray and shine formula that makes paint hydrophobic. Can be used as a dry aid to make drying extremely quick and easy.
  • Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing (16 Oz.) - Water based dressing that brings back the deep rich finish of your tires and trim. Satin, non-greasy shine.
  • IGNITE CAR SOAP (16 Oz.) - High suds car wash soap that provides a gentle scratch free wash.

  • Shimmer One Step Polish (16 Oz.) - Formula with abrasive technology to polish away medium to light swirls and scratches. Cleans paint and adds extreme high mirror shine gloss.


*Recommend Order of Application:

  1. Wash Wheels with Crimson Wheel Cleaner. Wash Tires with Absolute All Purpose Cleaner.
  2. Clean car exterior with Ignite Car Wash Shampoo or Cleanse Waterless Wash.
  3. Polish with Shimmer One Step Polish by hand or with machine polisher.
  4. Spray and wipe Rapid Seal+ Spray Sealant to add a layer of gloss and protection to your vehicles surface.
  5. Clean Interior with Diamond Interior Cleaner and Absolute All Purpose Cleaner. (Dilution is recommended for Absolute All Purpose Cleaner - we recommend 10:1 [10 oz water: 1 oz. Absolute].
  6. Dress Tires and Trim with Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing.
  7. Clean windows and glass with Orchid Glass Cleaner.

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Over $280.00 Value included in The Premiere Collection.