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The Optical Collection

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The Optical Collection
is for a machine polishing including a two step process with abrasives to cut down on damaged or swirled clear coat or single stage paint to reveal a fresh scratch free, high gloss mirror finish (16 oz).

*PLEASE SELECT what size pads you need on the drop down (5 or 6 inch).

Includes: Revive Finishing Polish, Delete Swirl and Defect Remover, Microfiber Cutting Pad, Foam Maroon Hard/Medium Polishing Pad, Foam Black Finishing Pad.



Apply Revive and Delete by seasoning (priming) the pad with 3 dime sized dots on a dual action, random orbital, or rotary polisher.

Set machine to medium-high speed with moderate pressure and work until polish turns clear. Wipe off with a premium microfiber towel. Work until results are achieved. Note: May need 2 or 3 applications to correct paint fully.
Tip: Always do a inconspicuous test area and start with Revive Finishing Polish to see if you to use Delete. Sometimes, only a light machine polish is needed (Revive).



Does Revive Finishing Polish or Delete Swirl and Defect Remover have fillers or wash away?

Revive and Delete do not have fillers. It permanently removes clear coat/single stage paint to reveal a fresh clean surface.


Should I clay bar before polishing with The Paint Revival Kit?

It is critical to clay your paint before polishing as embedded contaminants from your paint's surface can go into your pad and cause paint marring/swirls.

You can purchase our clay bar here: https://sudzbox.com/collections/kits/products/medium-grade-clay-bar


How do I make sure the scratches or swirls don't come back?

To prevent scratches and swirls from coming back, wash and dry with correct/safe procedures (Two Bucket Method). Also be sure to wax or seal your paint with our Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant. This will create an invisible layer of protection. 


What pads should I use with Revive Finishing Polish and Delete Swirl and Defect Remover?

For Delete, use a microfiber cutting pad or heavy compound pad for best results. Delete will leave a haziness, known as DA haze. Revive is the next step to remove that and jewel your paint to a high gloss finish.

Our recommendation for Revive is a medium-heavy polishing pad such as our Maroon 6" Polishing Pad. If your pad is too soft, it will not cut swirls, scratches, or oxidation out. 


Which product goes first, Delete or Revive?

It is recommended you try the least aggressive product first, which is Revive Finishing Polish. If swirls and scratches are still visible, start with Delete Swirl and Defect Remover. After using Delete, always end by polishing with Revive Finishing Polish.

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