The Interior Collection(+) & Free Bonus Absolute

The Interior Collection(+) & Free Bonus Absolute

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The Interior Collection(+) Kit includes everything you need to give your interior the ultimate cleaning and restoration.

*Over $99.00 Value in this kit!

Includes four of our cleaning chemicals:

  • Absolute All Purpose Cleaner (Dilutes to make 10-20 bottles of cleaner. Cleans carpet, leather, upholstery, and more!)
  • Diamond Interior Cleaner (Cleans sensitive plastics, navigation screens, buttons)

  • Orchid Glass Cleaner (Ammonia Free, Safe for Tints)

  • Revolution Tire Shine & Dressing (Water based formula that brings back the rich color of plastic, trim, and tires)

Accessories to help quickly and efficiently clean your interior:

  • 6 Pack of All Purpose Interior Microfiber Towels (Machine Washable, Durable, and High Quality to trap dirt with ease)

  • 2 Pack of Super Lime Glass Cleaning Towels (Low pile towels that make glass cleaning easy, quick, and efficient)

  • Mini Interior Brush (Cleans vents and hard to reach areas)

  • Nylon Detailing Brush (Soft brush that cleans multiple areas of vehicle like carpet, leather and much more)

  • Microfiber Applicator Pad (Pad that applies product such as Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing Microfiber Applicator Pad)