The Intensive Collection(+) Pro Kit

The Intensive Collection(+) Pro Kit

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With over 22 products and accessories, you will be able to detail every inch of your vehicle. Tools like brushes from leather/plastic cleaning all the way to paint decontamination with our clay bar make detailing quick and easy.

The Intensive Collection (+) Pro includes 9 of our products ranging from car washing, waxing/sealing, paint correcting, and all the way to interior cleaning (leather, carpet, plastics).

The Intensive Collection(+) includes 11 of our products ranging from car washing, waxing/sealing, paint correcting, and all the way to interior cleaning (leather, carpet, plastics).

  • Absolute All Purpose Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans leather, carpet, upholstery, tires, engine bays, etc. - Dilutes to make up to 15 bottles.
  • Rapid Seal(+) Spray Sealant (16 Oz.) - Spray and shine formula that makes paint hydrophobic. Can be used as a dry aid to make drying extremely quick and easy.
  • Crimson Wheel Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans wheels and restores bright finish.
  • Cleanse Waterless Wash (16 Oz.) - Cleans Exterior without the need to use a hose. Spray on and wipe off formula. Has polymers to avoid scratching. Adds high shine.
  • Scarlet Car Wash Shampoo (16 Oz.) - High suds car wash soap which cleans with added lubrication to prevent scratching while leaving a high shine finish.
  • Delete Swirl and Defect Remover (16 Oz.) - Cutting Compound which removes heavy defects and swirls. Cuts 1000 grit sanding marks.
  • Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing (16 Oz.) - Water based dressing that brings back the deep rich finish of your tires and trim. Satin, non-greasy shine.
  • Revive Finishing Polish (16 Oz.) - Abrasive technology formula which removes haze, swirls, and light scratches. It leaves the ultimate high show car gloss. Polishes dull paint to leave maximum gloss.
  • Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant (16 Oz.) - Last step. Applies by hand or machine. Adds extreme protection and slickness. Apply to get a hydrophobic layer of protection. Provides our highest level of gloss to make heads turn when looking at your car.

Accessories Included:

  • (2) Super Soft Edgeless Paint Towels - Ultra Soft Towels designed to remove wax or polish without scratching. Washable and reusable.
  • (1) Waffle Weave Drying Towel - High absorption towel meant for drying very easily without scratching. Washable and reusable. 
  • (1) Premium Glass Towel - Low pile towel designed for glass to effortlessly clean without streaking.
  • (4) 16 x 16" Premium Microfiber Towels - General 16 x 16" washable microfiber towels for interior or exterior cleaning.
  • (2) Microfiber Applicator Pads - Soft, washable microfiber pads that apply products to the surface.
  • (1) Fine/Medium Grade Clay Bar - removes contaminants, overspray, embedded dirt.
  • (1) Interior Detail Brush - Use this brush to clean tight to reach areas like cupholders, vents, and much more!
  • (1) Chenille Wash Mitt - Wash mitt that has pockets to lock in dirt to prevent scratching. Ultra soft and rewashable.

*Recommend Order of Application:

  1. Wash Wheels with Crimson Wheel Cleaner. Wash Tires with Absolute All Purpose Cleaner.
  2. Clean car exterior with Forest Wash and Wax Car Shampoo or Cleanse Waterless Wash.
  3. After car is rinsed, dry with Rapid Seal(+) Spray Sealant and our Waffle Weave Towel provided.
  4. Clay car with clay bar. Use Rapid Seal Spray Sealant as a lubricant.
  5. Compound with Delete Swirl and Defect Remover and machine polisher or by hand.
  6. Polish with Revive Finishing Polish with machine polisher or by hand.
  7. Seal paint with Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant.
  8. Clean Interior with Absolute All Purpose Cleaner. (Dilution is recommended for Absolute All Purpose Cleaner - we recommend 10:1 [10 oz water: 1 oz. Absolute]. Use Detail Brush in kit provided to get in tight areas.
  9. Dress Tires and Trim with Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing

**Clay Bar Color and Towel Color to change with stock levels

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