Holiday Madness Mystery SudzBox (12/12/2023)

Holiday Madness Mystery SudzBox (12/12/2023)

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Mystery Holiday Madness Box!
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$+49.99 Worth of Value for only $29.99

Randomly drawn Mystery Boxes will have random restaurant/store gift cards and other surprises in the box!

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- Jesse Aquino (Founder of SudzBox)

Experience our Mystery SudzBox.

Receive over $49.99 of retail value for only $29.99.

Makes a complete car care kit with accessories and other cool items.

*Guaranteed to contain 3 chemicals, plus accessories, and much more!

Possible Items that can be found in our Mystery SudzBox:

Car Detailing Chemicals 4 oz. / 16 oz./ 32 oz./ 64 oz. Half Gallon



Buffing Pads


Brushes + Much More!

Store/Restaurant Gift Cards