The Complete Wheel & Tire Kit

The Complete Wheel & Tire Kit

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Clean-Prep-Dress. Crimson Wheel Cleaner will remove surface brake dust, dirt and grime. Spray a generous amount and using the included brushes you can get into the lug nut crevices and corners to lift and remove the grime off the surface for an easy rinse.

Absolute All purpose cleaner will leave a clean tire surface for Revolution tire dressing to be applied to. Cleaning the tires before applying tire dressing will get you the best results, with a clean surface the dressing can better adhere and leave the best satin shine.

Massaging Revolution Tire Shine dressing into the rubber using the applicator pad for easy application. Bring together the overall look of a freshly detailed exterior with crisp clean shiny wheels.

This Kit Includes:

  • Crimson Wheel Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans wheels and restores bright finish.
  • Absolute All Purpose Cleaner (16 Oz.) - Cleans leather, carpet, upholstery, tires, engine bays, etc. - Dilutes to make up to 15 bottles.
  • Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing (16 Oz.) - Water based dressing that brings back the deep rich finish of your tires and trim. Satin, non-greasy shine.
  • (4) 16 x 16" Premium Microfiber Towels - Premium 16 x 16" washable microfiber towels for interior or exterior cleaning.
  • SudzBox Colossal Brush - Large soft hair brush to get into difficult to reach areas.
  • Mini Interior Brush - Cleans small and other hard to reach areas.

*Towel color subject to change due to stock levels*