The Intensive Collection(+)

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Our newest flagship model, The Intensive Collection(+), is will vigorously clean & restore your vehicle back to it's original glory.

With over 22 products and accessories, you will be able to detail every inch of your vehicle. Tools like brushes from leather/plastic cleaning all the way to paint decontamination with our clay bar make detailing quick and easy.

The Intensive Collection includes all 9 of our products ranging from car washing, waxing/sealing, paint correcting, and all the way to interior cleaning (leather, carpet, plastics).

Our (2) Rose Collection Edgeless Paint Towels, 35 x 25" Super Large Gray Waffle Weave Drying Towel, Premium Glass Towel, (4) 16 x 16" Premium Microfiber Towels, and 2 Applicator Pads are also included.

Over $270.00 Value included in The Intensive Collection(+).

**Clay Bar Color to change with stock levels

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