Shadow Tire Dressing & Conditioner

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Shadow Dressing and Conditioner
rejuvenates and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic while restoring with a satin shine.

Water based and works on all colored plastic, vinyl, and rubber.


Apply Shadow with an applicator and massage into pores of surface. Add additional layers to increase gloss.

Tip: Lightly remove excess with microfiber towel. 


Where can I use Shadow Dressing and Conditioner?

You can use Shadow on areas such as engine bay, interior, exterior trim, tires as long as they are plastic, vinyl, or rubber.


How long will Shadow Dressing and Conditioner last?

Shadow is a water based dressing. It will last for months in areas where it is not abused from weather. On tires, it will last on average for a week or two. 


Can I use Shadow Dressing and Conditioner on leather?

Shadow is not meant to be used for leather. It is intended to be used on only plastic, vinyl, or rubber.


Can I use Shadow Dressing and Conditioner on areas other than black?

Shadow absolutely can be used on other colored plastic, trim, or vinyl such as gray, white, etc. 


Will Shadow Dressing and Conditioner sling or leave a greasy feel? 

Shadow is dry to the touch after completely drying and will not sling. If you apply a heavy coat, wipe of excess product lightly with a microfiber towel.



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