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Absolute All Purpose Cleaner

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Absolute All Purpose Cleaner is a Concentrated spray formula to clean dirty areas of your vehicle including: tires, engine bay, leather, fabric, carpet, wheel wells, plastics, vinyl, rubber.

Formulated to quickly and effortlessly clean up soiled areas of dirt and grime.

Heavily concentrated formula to conserve the most amount of product out of one bottle. Dilutes to make different solutions to clean specific areas (Up to 20 bottles)




Spray Absolute All Purpose Cleaner onto designated area and agitate with a detailing brush. Wipe up excess with microfiber towel. Repeat until desired results are achieved.
Tip: For paint, we recommend using our other product, Rapid Seal(+) Spray Sealant. 
Dilution Ratios (Water:Product) : Leather (5:1), Carpet/Fabric (15:1), Interior Plastics (20:1), Tires (10:1)



Do I have to dilute Absolute All Purpose Cleaner?

You don't have to, but it is highly concentrating meaning you will waste product if you don't.

Do not use on sensitive areas of your vehicle if using straight.


Can I clean windows with Absolute All Purpose Cleaner?

Absolute All Purpose Cleaner is not an ideal cleaner for windows as it can cause streaking due to heavy cleaning abilities. Use a dedicated window cleaner.


How do I dilute Absolute All Purpose Cleaner?

To dilute Absolute All Purpose Cleaner, mix with clean distilled water.

An example for leather (10:1 Ratio)

Click Here for a Dilution Calculator 


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