Illuminate Wax/Sealant Hybrid

Illuminate Wax/Sealant Hybrid

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Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant has been reformulated. This is our newest version, which adds a higher gloss and improves protection. 

Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant provides you a shimmering gloss boost and critical protection for your paint. It seals your paint while giving the extreme high gloss shine of a wax. It helps fill in minor swirls and dramatically brings back the deep color of your paint.

Works on glass, paint, and chrome! Makes drying extremely easy because water sheets off the surface extremely easily!

Watch your paint turnaround with only one application!

Extremely easy to buff off! Lasts for 6 months! Get a mirror shine fast and easy with Illuminate Hybrid Wax Sealant.

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