Clarity Luxury Car Wash Shampoo

Clarity Luxury Car Wash Shampoo

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Clarity Luxury Car Wash Shampoo
 is an exterior soap which infuses high lubrication to prevent scratching and gloss enhancers to boost paint shine. pH neutral. Won't strip wax (16 oz).

To apply Clarity Luxury Car Wash Shampoo, pour 2-3 oz. in a 5 gallon bucket filled up three quarters of the way. 

Tip: The more shampoo that is used in your bucket, the higher the lubricity action will be.




Will Clarity Luxury Shampoo Strip Wax?

Clarity is pH neutral and will not strip wax. This is a very gentle cleansing shampoo and will help you maintain your protection levels.


Can I use Clarity Luxury Shampoo as a Clay Lubricant?

You absolutely can. We recommend adding a little more shampoo than normal to get the most lubrication when claying to prevent marring.


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