How Paint Loses Shine and Becomes Dull Over Time

When your car comes out of the factory it has its "showroom shine," but as you notice over time, your paint gets duller and duller. This is because it's losing its shine.

Here are some causes of your paint getting duller:

1. Washing or Drying Incorrectly - Using improper technique when cleaning your vehicle is the number one way to dull up your paint. The more scratches, swirls, and defects your paint has, the more it will appear dull.

Pro Tip: Consider stop using automatic touch car washes if you are looking to keep your paint as flawless as possible. These will scratch and swirl your paint.

Think about a Video Game disc or CD. The more scratched up it is, the less chances it has of being readable. The more scratches your vehicle has, the less shiny it will be.

To bring your paint back to life, you'll need to machine polish it.

2. Powerful Sun UV Rays - Over time if your car is not protected with a wax, sealant, or coating, UV rays can oxidize and fade your car's clear coat or paint.

Have you ever left something outside for an extended amount of time and noticed the finish has began to fade away? Same concept.

To keep your paint as shiny it can be, use proper techniques and protect your paint with a ceramic coating, wax, or sealant.

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