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How to Clean Your Interior More Efficiently

These tips will transform the process of cleaning and detailing your interior. Not only will it speed up the process but it will give it a better overall cleaning.

1. Always Start From the Top and Finish at the Bottom: The number one place people like to start cleaning is their floor mats or carpets. It might be just instincts, but we recommend starting at the top because all of the dirt and debri from the glass, dashboard and seats will fall down into the carpet fibers.

2. Use a Stiff Hair Brush on your Carpet/Fabric Before Vacuuming: The hairs in the brush will dive into the fibers and pull up any debri lodged deep in the carpet. This will bring them up and a quick vacuum will suffice. Doing this step will save you a lot of time and effort when vacuuming.

A quick spritz of all purpose cleaner will also help loosen dirt and suspend it. Once it's suspended (stains or salt), take a microfiber and in pick up the dirt in a scooping motion. Do not rub hard into the surface or it will go back into the fibers. When attacking stains and dirt, the technique is to lift.

3. When Cleaning Opposite Sides of Windows Always Use Cross Patterns: Use only vertical motions when cleaning glass. The technique is to for the interior: go in up and down motions and exterior: left and right. This process will allow you to see what streaks are on what side just by looking at the window. Glass cleaning can be really frustrating for some people but this should really help.

4. Door Jambs Can and Should be Waxed/Sealed: They catch a lot of dirt. People are getting in and out and constantly hitting their feet against door jambs. Make sure it is protected with a layer of wax or sealant so you will have to do less cleaning in the future. Sometimes door jambs are so dirty, they can only be cleaned with an All Purpose Cleaner. All Purpose Cleaner will strip any type of wax or sealant. You want them maintained so you can easily use some type of spray detailer, waterless wash or car wash shampoo.


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