My Top Interior Cleaning Tips and Secrets

Jesse Aquino here, the founder of SudzBox. When faced up against a vehicle that has tough dirt, filth, and grime it can be somewhat challenging, so here are my top tips and secrets to make the process quicker and easier.

1. Vacuum The Carpets Last - This is something I learned that saved me a tremendous amount of time. The reason why you want to do this step last is because immediately vacuuming the carpets will cause you to waste time. This is simply because while cleaning the interior, dirt and debri will fall into the carpets, which if you vacuumed in the beginning, you'll have to do it over again. You can save time and frustration by waiting to vacuum the carpets last.

Bonus Tip: Start from the top and work your way down when cleaning interiors.

2. Use a Brush to Clean Carpets Quicker - This is a very simple concept. I use a medium/soft stiffness brush and agitate gently through the carpet to dislodge any stubborn or deep-down dirt. Doing this before or while vacuuming will speed up the process five times faster. You can also use compressed air to help blow out trapped dirt in your carpet.

3. Clean Glass Streak-Free - One of the toughest parts of interior cleaning is cleaning glass. Here are two ways you can ensure a streak-free glass cleaning.

A) Use our Orchid Glass Cleaner matched with a lint-free glass towel. Having lint fall off of your towel onto the glass will make it very difficult to clean glass. When glass is perfectly clean, it should look invisible.

Use the box method, spray the glass with Orchid Glass Cleaner and clean from the outside in: This first wipe should be cleaning around the border of the window. You can then clean the rest of the window, inside the "box." This step is to ensure we clean the outside edges of the glass which is the most difficult to clean because of the tight areas.

Buff off with a completely dry microfiber towel. It's best to use towels that are used and not brand new. Brand new towels have the tendency to lint.

B) For each side of the glass, clean in different motions. On the exterior side of the window, clean and dry going only in horizontal motions or left to right. And for the interior side of the glass, clean and dry going only with vertical motions or up and down.

If you have leftover streaks, this technique will show you what side you have the streaks on because you'll be able to see which way the streaks are going.

Use Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner for Tinted Windows

4. Try to Spray Chemicals Into Your Towel - Overspray can cause a mess and add unneccesary time to your detailing job. Unless it's somewhere in the interior like the carpets, I recommend always spraying directly into the towel. Here's an example how it can create a mess: If you were to clean the glass and spray the glass cleaner, this will cause overspray to get on other areas like the door panels or your seats. This can be an annoyance, especially if you dressed the area prior or made it perfect.

You can possibly also miss it (the overspray) because you weren't paying attention and give it back to a client and they may point it out to you which won't look the best for you. Glass is typically the last step in an interior cleaning, that's why I give this example.

5. Use a Dressing to Restore Faded Door Panels and Plastics - If your interior has faded over the years due to UV rays or of age, you can still bring it back to life (90% of the time). A water based dressing like our Revolution or Shadow Dressing can be applied to your plastic, trim, and vinyl to bring back the deep dark look of your interior.

Revolution Tire Shine and Dressing (Works On Interiors!)

6. Use All Purpose Cleaner and a Brush To Get Rid of Stains - Stains can be very difficult to get out for the every day car enthusiast, but by using an all purpose cleaner like our Absolute and a brush, these stains can be lifted up and wiped away forever!

This is the process:

Spray the All Purpose Cleaner onto the area or into the brush and agitate gently. Doing this step lifts the deep embedded dirt/stains up to the surface. Next, take a microfiber towel and pick up the dirt in a sweeping motion. You should be sweeping the towel up. Do this process over until the stains are removed or desired results are achieved.

Extract if you have an extractor. If you don't, use more microfiber towels to dry.

7. Use Brushes to Get Into Tight Areas - Sometimes you run into dirt in areas where you just cant fit your hands or fingers with a towel into. By using a soft detail brush, you can get deep down into the areas and remove stubborn dirt. An example would be a cup holder or in the door panel side compartments.

Detail Brush 

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Let me know what you guys thought of the blog and leave a comment below!

- Jesse Aquino (Founder/CEO of SudzBox Co.) 



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