3 Quick Tips for Washing Your Car In The Winter!

Washing your vehicle in the winter can be very daunting, but it is the most important season to keep your car clean. Salt can eat away at paint. Here are three quick tips for washing your car in the winter!

1. Wear nitrile gloves underneath your winter gloves - this gives you two layers of warmth when washing your vehicle. Nothing is worse than getting your hands wet when it is freezing outside.

2. Use warm water in your bucket - This will keep your hands very warm when washing. Warm water actually gives a little more cleaning power for washing your car as well.

3. Use white vinegar and water mixed half-half for Salt Stains - Salt stains can be very annoying. This combination will remove salt stains from your floor mats and carpet.

Bonus Tip: Avoid washing your vehicle if it is under 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is because your products will most likely freeze.

We hope you enjoyed these tips!

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